About Us

TownAppeal.com is a free, easy to use and complete local directory where neighbors can search for and recommend their favorite local businesses, town organizations, non-profits, parks and open spaces. TownAppeal.com also features deals from local businesses, a calendar of events, helpful links, and a monthly newsletter.

How Does TownAppeal.com Work?

All town businesses are loaded for free onto our website and are searchable by category and sub-category. Listings include the business name, address, and phone number. Businesses with the most recommendations are displayed first, and are then sorted alphabetically. Businesses can enhance their profile or advertise for a fee. Advertising does not affect the order businesses are listed on the website.

How Do I Recommend a Business, Organization, or Event?

Anyone can view TownAppeal.com.  However, you must log in as a neighbor to recommend or unrecommend local businesses, organizations or events. Town Appeal creates a user profile that allows others to view your recommendations.

How We Help Businesses 

  • Free postings of your deals and public events
  • No negative reviews.  Neighbors can only recommend.
  • Economical advertising platform to reach town residents
  • We drive new customers to your website
  • We use multi-media to showcase your products such as videos and photographs
  • Businesses are listed under multiple sub categories allowing you to showcase all aspects of your business

How We Help Neighbors

  • Free searchable database of all the businesses, organizations and parks in town.
  • Businesses are displayed by number of recommendations not by paid advertising
  • View recommendations made by your friends and neighbors and deals offered by local businesses
  • Local calendar of events, newsletter, and helpful links
  • We have what you are looking for!  Our database has over 200 categories of businesses
  • Businesses are verified
  • One stop shopping for all things local
  • As we expand to more towns, neighbors can find activities in nearby towns
  • Love your neighbor’s landscaper? No need to memorize the number on the truck.  Just check out their recommendations.

Who Are We?

TownAppeal.com is a small business located in Brookfield, CT. It was founded by two women raised by small business owners. Given our background, we  wanted to create a company focused on local businesses and the community they serve. We designed TownAppeal.com as a way to connect neighbors with each other and with local businesses and organizations.

Employment Opportunities

Interested in bringing TownAppeal.com to your town? Please contact us at admin@townappeal.com.