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From our May 2020 Newsletter

TownAppeal would like to welcome Del Primo to Brookfield! They are open for takeout and curbside service.

Imagine working for months on your dream restaurant. You find the perfect location, build out the space, pass all the inspections required by the town and health department and you are finally ready to open. Then the coronavirus pandemic strikes.
Del Primo opened on March 20th in the plaza at 450 Federal Rd.
“Certainly not the way we had hoped our opening would unfold, but we understand this is a serious situation that we all hope will improve very soon” said Scott Lavelle, one of the owners. “But I think we made the best of it”
Indeed they did. So far Facebook reviews have been excellent!

Del Primo evolved from a partnership between Scott Lavelle, the owner of ReMax in Brookfield, Michael Rugova, who runs the daily operations and Manuel Minino, the owner of the building. They hired Chef Victor Geranomo who has worked with Michael at several different restaurants in the past. “Our vision was to open a great restaurant with great food, great service and great atmosphere. But the key is a great chef which we found in Victor.” explained Scott.
How does a guy with a real estate background get into the restaurant business? “Well, my grandfather operated Lavelle’s Wagon Wheel in Brookfield for over 40 year and I started working there when I was 12.” Once I met Manuel, we knew that his new shopping center would be the perfect location for a high-end restaurant.”
In addition to the bar area, Del Primo will have a private dining area which can accommodate 40 – 50 people and several outdoor tables for summertime dining. Del Primo will also be offering take-out orders with curbside pickup.
“We are looking forward to the day that we can welcome you all to our beautiful, new home!