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J Ramen House

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TownAppeal is excited to welcome J Ramen House to Brookfield!
Owners Nicky Wang and Cindy Liu are no strangers to restaurants. They opened Yokohama, a sushi restaurant which is celebrating its 15-year anniversary, in New Milford and Bambu, a sushi and hibachi restaurant, in Danbury. Nicky and Cindy chose Brookfield for its central location, convenient to Danbury, New Milford, and New Fairfield.
Ramen restaurants are the newest restaurant trend and are popular in the New York, New Jersey, and DC metro areas. J Ramen House is only the fourth Ramen restaurant to open in Connecticut. Ramen are a thin Japanese noodle (now you know what the J stands for) that are served in either a duck, pork, or chicken broth.
J Ramen House cooks their chicken and pork broths with vegetables and spices for 12 hours, so they develop a creamy and rich flavor. They also offer mushroom ramen, a variety of ramen toppings (sweet corn, pork belly, black fungus, bean sprouts, seasoned boiled egg, fish cakes). Their tonkotsu ramen, a ramen served with their signature pork-based soup and topped with pork, black fungus, sweet corn, bean sprouts, scallions and a boiled egg, is their top seller! J Ramen also offers a variety of Japanese appetizers and entrees, salads, and buns.
The restaurant is airy and modern and features a large bar for single diners as well as large group tables.



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