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Market Place Tavern

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From our March 2020 Newsletter:

The Market Place Tavern is now open!

Manager John Conway and his staff are back and better than ever!  The former 189 Sports Café is now The Market Place although it is still under the same ownership.
John told us that when it was the 189 Sports Café, the food and service were excellent but they still felt that they could step it up a bit.  So they made some changes and step it up they did!
The most obvious change is the building.  The renovations took 7 months and the building was totally rebuilt, inside and out.  If you’ve been to other Market Place restaurants in the area you will recognize their signature look including barn wood, brick and stucco décor.  The menu has also been revamped and the reviews have been outstanding!  It features locally sourced, organic food prepared by Chef Anthony who trained at the Culinary Institute of America and who has worked at some of New York City’s premier restaurants.  Recently he served as head chef at Newtown’s Market Place Tavern.

We look forward to the return of John and the rest of the Market Place Tavern Staff!