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Town Appeal sorts neighbors into two categories, Neighbors and Out of Town Neighbors. If you are a resident of Bridgewater, Brookfield, or Roxbury you will be displayed as a Neighbor in the town you reside in. All other neighbors are considered Out of Town neighbors. Out of Town Neighbors are only displayed in “View Neighbors” when they recommend at least one business or event. For example, if you sign up as a Bridgewater Neighbor you will automatically be added as a Neighbor in Bridgewater. If you recommend a business in Brookfield you will be listed as an “Out of Town Neighbor” in Brookfield.

Anyone can become a neighbor regardless of the town/state you live in.  Businesses can also become neighbors so they can endorse other businesses in their network or town.

Once you become a neighbor on Town Appeal you can recommend a business or event in any of the towns we cover.

Sorry, no. We are a town focused website, so only businesses in Town Appeal towns can be listed. Out of Town businesses CAN advertise on www.townappeal.com in any of the towns we cover.

Businesses are sorted by category and subcategory.  Within a subcategory businesses are sorted first by most recommendations and then alphabetically.

Businesses can be listed in multiple categories or subcategories.  For example, an Italian restaurant may also deliver pizza and cater.  That business would be listed under: Italian, Pizza, Caterer, and Delivery.  This allows neighbors to recommend this business in any or all subcategories.  For example, maybe you would recommend their pizza but not their catering.

Studies have shown that consumers (82%) are more likely to trust recommendations from others, even people they don’t know, over branded content. 66% say that online reviews are their second-most-trusted source. (Nielson Global Trust Report, 2015).
Reviews are more self-centered and unreliable than a recommendation. The mood of the reviewer, their tastes, their expectations, and the criteria they use to judge all play into their critique. Their focus isn’t in convincing you whether to do something, but rather what happened when they did it.
It’s not to say they aren’t correct in their assessment or unhelpful at times. It’s just that people have a harder time trusting them. There have been many stories over the years in which businesses have tried to write positive reviews about themselves, negative reviews about competitors, and pay individuals to do the same.
When you are looking for a referral, who do you turn to? When you need good service or a good deal, who do you ask? You ask your peers, your friends, your acquaintances—because they are the ones who can tell you about the experiences they have personally had. That is where TownAppeal.com comes in. The power of our site is in recommendations come from group of local consumers that have actually interacted with a business enough to recommend their services.

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